Ideas come from many sources.   Images are essentially a mix of ideas and asthetics that communicate (often through ambiguity, juxtaposition or metaphor).


Helen Sear – Inside the View 2004 – 2008

  • Montage of images could be used to frame what is “inside the head” of (say) the scientist or the user.

When Art and Science Collide – Picturing Science February 2011.

  •  An example of an image that questions the use of drugs by showing dust filled pills.

Brian Griffin – The Water People

  • An interesting use of space between to illustrate a gap.   This idea might be adapted to show scientists meeting local people and a mix of background landcapes.   Here the wall is a useful sign – what is over the wall (different world of science).

Data Floods are Forecast

It is not just the fields, roads, and houses in England and Wales that are flooding.   There is a flood in the virtual world that we also inhabit.   That flood is from the massive explosion in data.

This made me think about images of flooding and using them to convey that data is also flooding.    Here is my first image showing debris in the River Leam.   I would like to add a layer to denote data going down the river as an allusion to information overload.   Alternatively I could use the image as a backdrop to some statistics about the data flood.   For example, 294 billion emails are sent each day (The Radicati Group, “Email Statistics Report, 2010-2014,” April 2010.)