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Less is more

It is often said that a minimalist photograph has greater impact.   Does this assertion have any foundation in science?   At the cafe scientifique in Leamington Spa last night film maker Huw Bowen outlined some interesting aspects of human perception … Continue reading

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Ideas come from many sources.   Images are essentially a mix of ideas and asthetics that communicate (often through ambiguity, juxtaposition or metaphor). Sources: Helen Sear – Inside the View 2004 – 2008 Montage of images could be used to frame … Continue reading

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Use of collage to create images

I have been exploring the work of John Stezaker which led me to the work of Mario Zoots where I found the following image: Whilst Stezaker appears to overlay images or juxtapose them, the technique of Zoots is slightly different.   … Continue reading

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