Can we see Africa in a different light?

Photographs of life in Africa typically show poverty, conflict and disease.  Some emerging photographers are trying to change the perceptions of Africa that such pictures convey.

One such photographer is self-taught Joe Lukhovi who says: ‘Photography is my way to let the identity of closed communities emerge. It’s plainly wrong to only show the negative sides of a country and skip the positive ones. We have been the victims of twisted foreign reporting that only serve the wrong purposes. As an African it feels like my task to show people the true image.’

Another is Anthony Bila who says: ‘That’s why I take it to the streets in South Africa to show my country on a day-to-day basis. I want to step off the one-dimensional view that is being fed to us by international mass media. Africa is anything but lost; instead it’s a place full of possibilities and beauty. We Africans can tell our own story in our own way.’

Source: From ‘Township Diaries’ (Photo: Anthony Bila)