A selection of landscapes taken in Scotland, April 2012 with an emphasis of light on the mountains.

Power Down

Here is where the experimentation began.  The calm sea loch seemed to say “power down”.   In a global community where we so often live life at full power, the scene before me spoke of sustainable living respectful of both people and environment.

Mind the Gap

On the one hand people can appear to exhibit features of addiction when using mobile phones, tablets or laptops yet on the other people can appear to be more distant (or alienated) from those people they are interacting with.   The series of images explores this paradox.

Mass Poisoning by Water

In this series of images I am motivated to capture the impact of drinking arsenic polluted water that affects 80 million people in Nepal, and the wider region.   I seek to strike a balance between telling a story and protecting the identity of individuals.   Behind the images are real people but I did not want to merely document them.   Rather each image contains a poignant juxtaposition of water and the effect it has on the skin of various real people: young, old, male and female.

Mobile Theatre in the Square (Disconnected 1.0)

This series of images was inspired by observations of people using mobile phones in the street.   Connected to the people they are interacting with on the phone yet at the same time disconnected to the physical world and people around them.   It struck me that the movements of people were rather like the drama enacted in the theatre.

Disconnected 2.0

The work aims to stimulate reflection and self-questioning about wellbeing in society.   At some time in their lives many people experience feelings of being disconnected from family, friends, or life in general.   For most, this sense of disconnection will be transitory but for some it can mean a lifetime of anguish and mental ill health.

Happy New Year 1135

A celebration, Kathmandu style: full of joy, noise and colour.   Full of tradition but with twists of new, in both dress and technologies.   A poignant message here about hope and love which is simply irresistable.   Images that tell part of a story but leave you wondering.

Paradise Wedding

Weddings come in many shapes and sizes.   Does location matter?  What is the role of the image in a wedding?  Is it simply to record the event or is it to explore the mood and feeling the couple have for each other?

Lost in Translation

This work was inspired by the film: “Lost in Translation”. The photographs offer a reflection on misunderstandings between people and place. Sometimes people are disconnected by technology that was designed to bring people closer together. At times the photographer looses the experience in favour of capturing the moment in time. Some visual clues of shadows, shoes, shapes and symbols are explored as we struggle for connection.


An exploration of feeling remote…by time, distance, or some other sense of seperation.   Inhospitable environments, both urban and rural.   How important is colour, or the lack of it, to the sense of being in a remote place?

Life in Myanmar

Diverse lives shown through the faces and activities of local people.