Mind the Gap

We are all familiar with the mantra, “mind the gap” as we travel around on the rail system.   But travelling in the virtual world contains fewer health warnings, signposts and danger signals.   As we pick up our mobile phone we create a physical gap between us and those around us.   At once we are connected elsewhere and disconnected to now.   Where are our true friends?   Where are our true connections?

On the one hand people can appear to exhibit features of addiction when using mobile phones, tablets or laptops yet on the other people can appear to be more distant (or alienated) from those people they are interacting with.   The series of images explores this paradox.

These images are original experimental photographs telling a story about our “love-hate” relationship to all things technological.   Most of us love the convenience of a mobile phone but hate being disturbed by unwanted calls, or get frustrated at work when we can’t find that vital nugget of information needed for our next meeting.

All the images have been inspired by my personal passion for exploring the relationship between people and technology.   Will that love affair lead us to build paradise or will our building fall into disrepair and become a “lost paradise”?


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